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This appendix contains articles for the preparation of wine, cordials, liqueurs, vodka and vodka, brandy and whiskey, martinis and rum, beer and champagne at home are given recipes of pears, apples, strawberries, raspberries and more. Highlight recommendations for choosing and buying wine.
Wine - a drink of philosophers and artists, poets and of actors. Wine - a drink of the ancient gods, invented by people, especially if only to a description of the intoxicating juice of grapes can be added the epithet "divine." Wine - a drink of kings and their subjects, the rulers of the world and the mortals.
Liqueurs called "Russian liquor." All due to the fact that, in contrast, for example, from the infusions and fruit liqueurs contain a greater percentage of the berry or fruit juice. Sugar liqueurs also greater average of 30-40 percent. Drink brandy like liquor, adding coffee, tea, and used to impregnate confectionery.
Champagne - sparkling wine produced in the French region of Champagne grapes established method of secondary fermentation in the bottle of wine.
Beer - low alcoholic drink obtained by alcoholic fermentation of wort using malt beer yeast, typically with the addition of hops.
Moonshine - a strong alcoholic beverage produced in the home by distillation through a self-made or prefabricated units of alcohol-containing mass (Braga), obtained by fermentation of sugar syrup saccharified cereal, potatoes, beets, fruits or other foods containing sugar and saccharified starch material.
Cognac - a strong alcoholic beverage produced from certain varieties of grapes for special technology.
Whisky - strong flavored alcoholic beverage produced from different types of grains with the malting process, distillation and long aging in oak barrels.
Martini - a brand of vermouth produced in Italy, named after the distillery Martini & Rossi in Turin, at the base of which participated Alessandro Martini.
Rum (Eng. Rum, Spanish. Ron, fr. Rhum) - a strong alcoholic beverage made by the fermentation and distillation of the by-products of sugar-cane production, such as molasses and cane syrup.



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