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Including basic Chinese vocabulary, and terminology of the Chinese, such as the Chinese translation of the unique name and katakana words, we have registered the word in a wide range of fields.
▼ in Weblio date features of Sino-Japanese dictionary
And medium dictionary multiple days, and from the Sino-Japanese dictionary, to display the meaning by searching the Chinese at a time.
• You can display the the hit day in-Sino-Japanese dictionary in the list to search.
- Chinese and I can search both Japanese. Search keywords to display the Chinese translation in the case of the Japanese, if the search keyword of China displays the Japanese translation.
• In the basic vocabulary we have detailed explanation and differences and idiom of pronunciation of each region.
▼ Sino-Japanese dictionary in Weblio date is convenient Troubleshooting
• When you want to examine the Chinese translation of terminology
• When the Chinese do not know what or specialized field of word of the
Keyword whether Japanese, when one of the Chinese do not know well
When you want to know the difference between the meaning of the Japanese and Chinese - the same Chinese characters
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