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[Smart cards to consumer experts gathered each erect a "card Country! ]
"Discount card! Others are admittedly, you seem to know why my own?"
What benefits do if you have good cards in Chapter 10?
Even if I wanted to write one card tells whether they write off any where from.
"How good that receive unconditional issued? Annual fee? Discount?"
According to the individual's lifestyle and consumption patterns
Haejugo wanted to recommend a card that saves you the most money.
"When doing only discounts? Taste? Service? Quality?"
Discount merchants (restaurants, accommodation, etc.) For more information about the quality of service
I wanted to provide the actual reviews.
[Main Service]
1. The discount cards, merchants reviews and earn points
- 'Country card, if the editor is now offering a discount card at some restaurants will be notified via a live reviews.
- All credit card company offers information at a glance.
2. professional card is a card that tells Life kkultip
- Provides new card products out expert reviews.
- To analyze and compare all credit card companies sector discount card.
- Provides a tax deduction card and related information jaetekeu life.
3. your lifestyle, cards recommended for the consumption pattern (to be updated)
- To analyze the amount used in the card industry best algorithm to recommend a personalized discount card.
- Automatically manages the amount used by industry card through the card text (SMS) automatic recognition.
4. Offline visiting card planner Consultation Request connection (to be updated)
- If a mobile app to easily apply for a card counseling by professional card designers will go directly to help card issuers.



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