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It celebrated 100 years of grace 2017,
The year of the 500 anniversary of the Reformation
Have access by preparation toward the 100-year vision and
Home of the Church of planning
Newly out it has been created.
Grace put out
Gamyeo made evangelical reform
Heart and faith that make the vision
I hope to be the seat of a powerful communication.
"Jesus Christ, through the fruit of righteousness which is filled with the glory and praise of God" (Philippians 1:11)
The fruit of the grace and vision to pray filled through this space.
- beophwan Church Vision -
1. Evangelical Reformed Church
Over a period that can not change the Gospel in a dying world do not change and advance a positive change (reform).
2. Missionary Church
Beyond that Mission Church, Church helping the missionary community is thrilled with being missionary life.
3. Social church
Living in social (village) and the length of saving the church to be the church social. This is the power that the church is a vision.
4. Church to support the next generation sepung
Guarding the church built to enrich the next generation (red is emphasized.)
(Jude 1: 20-21)
A church that brought the world to the future generations can not afford. (Hebrews 11:38)
* 100% linked apps: You can see through the information, posts, and video sermons, app with real-time content in conjunction with the app 100% of the photos on the website registration.
* Push notification messages sent automatically: You can receive automatic alerts when the two posts, photos, videos, registered in the new homepage. Select only the board you want to receive this possible, and even entire ships known.
* Sermon broadcasting: broadcasting sermons can watch the video in the app, and if the downloadable videos and download the WiFi area, you can watch without a network connection. (There is a data subscription may occur if a non-local WiFi when watching videos.)
* Posts, Photos Registration: In writing the available boards and albums can be registered directly by taking a picture directly from the app and post registration.
* SNS Sync: You can share log in to Twitter and Facebook accounts to post information.
In the case of video data, please refer because data charges may apply depending on your plan contract with the carrier is not a WiFi area.
Video content can be speed difference depending on the local network environment (WiFi, 3G, 4G).
If the photos uploaded are also not to upload, depending on the type of handset terminals.
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