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Will welcome with open arms big issue of the 'saengteo.
Robbing our lives, not for Myspace homepage, so by necessity, grows'm going back kkumyeoya, and further improvements. Again, we remodeled the homepage and again to greet you.
These days, make a few smart phones without having to open a homepage also PC. And surfing in much rapid change.
So it is possible to be directly communicating with the world.
If a crucifix Lyric ~~~~
Discard up to Alaska, Russia, Jordan, Heilongjiang Province, Cape of Good Hope.
We also saengteo Lyric grimace overcame to stand in this day and age that would ~~~ floor tangential to them.
The Bible, the Bible, the Bible. . . . .
Korea South Korea as well as the US, China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, India, Myanmar, Jordan and Turkey. . .
Low-homepage nations that have a connection just going to stretch endlessly.
Let's go make saengteo homepage so, let ah!
Saengteo Bible sayeokwon represent actual girls.Who
Bible ministry ◎ production
'uh? Depending on the Bible reading table in order to read the Bible centipede! "To re-arrange the body to produce a Bible.
The Bible is a description accompanied with the biblical text.
◎ translation work
By translating these materials into various languages ​​and spread around the world. English, Chinese and Spanish as the default, its translation into other tongues and nations helps to teach in the local language.
> Current situation
--- Japanese completion (Tyrannus Press) / English completion of the Old Testament --- (the master) / Chinese --- the Old and New Testaments completed (published in preparation) / Spanish --- the Old and New Testaments complete publication preparation)
◎ leadership development ministry
The training leaders to teach in a number of countries, including Korea and the United States, Japan and China.
In particular, develop a strategy to help the overseas church by the word around the Korean Diaspora church. It is preparing for cyber lectures for them (leaders, professional instructor training school, missionary training school)
◎ bridge work
Then creatively produced by the primary education, youth, books, seminars, and training programs for college youth to build the three words above. Dream Tree recruited especially those with potential as the next generation of leaders, to migrate to the environment, to invest in special education for language, character, and leadership development. (Children, youth, for, huh? Centipede read the Bible! Development, cartoon development, youth retreats, college retreat, Pearl, parenting training future leaders)
◎ pastoral ministry support
Over 55,000 places in Korea and around the church where about 5,500 of the Korean Diaspora Saints of about 80 to less than 90% of the 100 people are attending church. This is about 80 to pastor words're the greatest potential of 90%. The churches are helping to develop a specific ministry to grow into a small church with a clear identity. (Mijarip pastor invited the couple retreats, private retreat, mijarip Church English Camp)
◎ culture ministry
The PC room, a conference room, manhwabang, around the city of South Korea full of karaoke, it makes you say, coming into the field of life planted the "bible room. It also spread to the biblical creation culture to enjoy enjoy music through media play, pause, and so on pilgrimage.
◎ Eze Maia (Ezemiah) ministry
Helping bridge the two Korean Diaspora Ministry to have three grown spiritually to exert influence on political and social, as Nehemiah, like Ezra for his country and daae partnership with the Church.
1. saengteo Bible sayeokwon
Greetings / saengteo? / Saengteo introduction video / ministry and Vision / History / serving two / Directions
2. saengteo news
Announcements / Press / Seminars Schedule / saengteo kkumteo Magazine
3. saengteo Seminar
Seminar / Seminars Schedule / Seminar enrollment / Seminar request
4. Sharing saengteo
I heard a lecture / question / Freedom Forum / News saengteo picture / photo board
5. Data saengteo
Video materials / Reading data / information held in the file / publication / saengteo training materials Parish
6. saengteo Academy
Free Board jeongang / jeongang Syudy Iounge / ministry reports / Biblical room jeongang Network / Media
7. saengteo ministry
Domestic branches / overseas branches / dream work / Other ministries
8. Bible rooms Free Board
* 100% linked apps: You can check the content, post, sermon video, real-time content such as photos app in conjunction with 100% app registration on the website.
* Push notification messages sent automatically: a post on the website, photos, and videos, you can receive automatic notifications when a new registration. And can receive by selecting only the board you want, you can also send the entire bulletin.
* Sermon broadcasting: broadcasting sermons can watch the video in the app, and, in the case of downloadable videos, download the WiFi area without a network connection can watch. (If you are not a local WiFi when you are watching a video subscription data it can be generated.)
* Posts, Photos registration: Available in the album, writing board and take a photo directly from the app post registration and registration is available immediately.
* SNS Sync: You can sign in to post and share content to Twitter and Facebook accounts.
In the case of video data according to the plan contract with the carrier if the non-local WiFi data usage that may be imposed please refer.
Video content can be speed difference depending on the region, the network environment (WiFi, 3G, 4G).
If the terminal can also upload photos do not upload, depending on the type of terminal.
Four churches Love app Customer Support: 1661-9106



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