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Our church
Handed to the Presbyterian General Assembly (church / Presbytery may instead)
The absolute truth of the Bible as belonging
Three was fundamental to the faith
Under the motto Let's pray more apseoji
Everyday life of prayer, by directing a prayer in the life
Sensitively discern the will of God
We are committed to faithfully committed to the mission.
The vision before the Saints in 2020 with the mission of the military mission missions
Striving wholeheartedly and with a focus on the West Sea Grace tube specifications
Meetings such as retreats, healing, pollution-free crops, etc.
It is increasingly expanding the borders of the ministry.
Also for the elderly and the following three ministries
The vision of having a school founded by former Saints
We pray with one heart.
Grace Church is a church to pray and worship the continuing 365 days.
A large force to the one mission of passion and love,
Invite a healthy 21st-century model of church
It recognized the world
I will be a Christian community.
Grace Church Pastor jeongjongjin
(29 Bruno also served as Chairman)
Church Name: Grace Church
Address: (07 750) 33 10 TEL go to Seoul Gangseo gomdalrae: 02-2698-2780
site map
About the Church - Grace Church / Grace move the bar / serving people / worship guide the Church / Churches Directions / agency About / Logo Description
Worship and Word - Sunday worship / other assembly / pastoral column
Worship Ministries Committee - Paul / Peter / Esther / Lydia / Maria / Anna / butterfly can Choir / Hosanna Choir / Worship Team
Department of Education - Kindergarten / yuchodeungbu / Secondary / Youth / meeting area / New Family Van
Military Mission - Vision 2020 Introduction Mission group / organization and meeting / ministry / Field Baptist congregation and praise / partnership / public library / office meeting / group work / Mission on two feet
Suyanggwan grace - grace is suyanggwan / Facilities Introduction / suyanggwan landscape / suyanggwan Directions
When troops agency - Galilee oratory / Grace Missionary kindergarten / Elderly
Koinonia - News Grace / Grace empathy / event / data warehouse / meeting / traders
Gallery - Photo / Video
* 100% linked apps: You can check the content, post, sermon video, real-time content such as photos app in conjunction with 100% app registration on the website.
* Push notification messages sent automatically: a post on the website, photos, and videos, you can receive automatic notifications when a new registration. And can receive by selecting only the board you want, you can also send the entire bulletin.
* Sermon broadcasting: broadcasting sermons can watch the video in the app, and, in the case of downloadable videos, download the WiFi area without a network connection can watch. (If you are not a local WiFi when you are watching a video subscription data it can be generated.)
* Posts, Photos registration: Available in the album, writing board and take a photo directly from the app post registration and registration is available immediately.
* SNS Sync: You can sign in to post and share content to Twitter and Facebook accounts.
In the case of video data according to the plan contract with the carrier if the non-local WiFi data usage that may be imposed please refer.
Video content can be speed difference depending on the region, the network environment (WiFi, 3G, 4G).
If the terminal can also upload photos do not upload, depending on the type of terminal.
Four churches Love app Customer Support: 1661-9106



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