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Church Name: First United Methodist Church Cheonho
Address: (05 310) 27 51 Cheonho best way Methodist Church in Seoul, Gangdong cheonjung
Cheonho you for visiting the homepage first Methodist Church
Sincerely welcome.
The love and peace of the Lord, I pray to you hasigil full.
I am a pastor and pastor jangyigyu Cheonho the First Church.
Our church is here Cheonhodong start on November 12, 1951 has reached today.
The small figure, but one hand holding the Gospel in one hand, the holding love nanugil want the grace of God and your salvation.
And with love, blessings, and I want to be a lack of community to fill the appearance of each other.
We invite you to this place.
Hasyeoseo together in this blessed place you wish to restore the lost happiness and freedom the Lord gives.
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1. Introduction to the Church
Pastor Greetings / media is viewed in our church / church tour / worship time and Map / New Family Registration and guidance Baptist / Church History / Cheonho album '60 / serving people
2. Word / praise
Word / praise / sokhoe and small group / Training and Seminars
3. Church School
Infants kindergarten / ahdongbu / secondary / youth section / English worship (EM)
4. missionary / volunteer
We are a church with a mission / mission / Mission Gallery / Mission / eumakbu / rearing unit / team work / Tuesday intercessory prayer team
5. Attic
Attic man / woman in the attic / loft couple
6. News / New Family / Video
Cheonho News / New Family / church events / events Videos / events calendar
* 100% linked apps: You can check the content, post, sermon video, real-time content such as photos app in conjunction with 100% app registration on the website.
* Push notification messages sent automatically: a post on the website, photos, and videos, you can receive automatic notifications when a new registration. And can receive by selecting only the board you want, you can also send the entire bulletin.
* Sermon broadcasting: broadcasting sermons can watch the video in the app, and, in the case of downloadable videos, download the WiFi area without a network connection can watch. (If you are not a local WiFi when you are watching a video subscription data it can be generated.)
* Posts, Photos registration: Available in the album, writing board and take a photo directly from the app post registration and registration is available immediately.
* SNS Sync: You can sign in to post and share content to Twitter and Facebook accounts.
In the case of video data according to the plan contract with the carrier if the non-local WiFi data usage that may be imposed please refer.
Video content can be speed difference depending on the region, the network environment (WiFi, 3G, 4G).
If the terminal can also upload photos do not upload, depending on the type of terminal.
Four churches Love app Customer Support: 1661-9106



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