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Entertained by a church service sewooja
Your beloved saints! Hello?
The God who loves us so much that we divided the line, knowing you like to give us a new time, a new ultra-given gifts to the New Year 2016. God by His love, gave us the best gift of "Jesus Christ" to us, Please be saved by faith, gave "life" as a gift.
 Sesangsa has given the precious "life" than anything else during us. The origin of life is God not to turn off the minute you spark of God and life. Would not life more precious in the world? Therefore, we can discard lost everything, and thanks to live that life. But that life and filled with time, life will shine cope with the mission. Look for the mission God has given us deal appears to be to "serve as a servant."
 2016 is a year of many blessings that you can repay the favor far received no value to him. Our church must practice in order the five ministries of the church every year, "evangelism, worship, fellowship, education, and service." Among them it is the "service" is the theme of this year in.
  Service and service is one of the key elements that keep the Christian community. We grow by serving the center serving. While serving serve growing personality, deepen the understanding of the people, it is also getting better and better closer relationship with God. And the grace of God will be rewarded a little bit.
Therefore, it should not be a spiritual unemployed do nothing. Gamyeo continue to grow and we all happily serving in the New Year this year, I want to give back a little bit and go to the grace of God built the church.
 > Please pray and serve with the Holy Spirit.
  "Service to the Spirit of God and we are not upcoming Para rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have confidence in the flesh circumcision" (Phil. 3:03)
  Please pray earnestly to bear by His Holy Spirit to fill you worthy to serve God's work can be fun. Morning prayer, evening prayer (the next generation), Friday prayers, Daniel prayed, prayed for worship, prayer, Elijah, I want to have more of a voice in the church to pray to rise further himsseum in personal prayer.
 > Please serving as God gives power.
  "If anyone let as though that is to say God supplies, as to the word of God and who want to serve the force that through Jesus Christ in all things God am also trying to receive an honor for him ever the glory and the power to mayest for ever. Amen "(I Peter 4:11)
  When serving as a power supply is from God, it will be returned glory to God. Happily served by His power from God, please give glory to God.
 > Please serve like Jesus.
  "The Son of Man came not be served but rather to serve and also would receive For to give his life a ransom for many" (Matthew 20:28)
  He who is the best authority on the coming of Jesus into the world, He and serve four people to ask as many people ohsyeotgo order to serve, welcome appearance as a ransom for his life. I want to be a new year, which resembles more of Jesus.
Your beloved saints!
Establish a delight to serve the Church, please go praised those who make New Year's We please God.
Ephesians 4:12, "For as Spirit and the work of the ministry, perfecting of the saints to establish a body of Christ."
Romans 14:18, "This person serves Christ also hath receive praise please God and man."
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