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Flowing grace of God the world
Joy Church in Southern California
Welcome to the Church and bless you for visiting the homepage of Southern California joy. Joy is that you can enjoy together with how God, the privilege of God's children. That will force us joy every day. We can live with that power represents the glory of God in the world.
Nowadays the world is increasingly difficult, while "difficult difficult." But we are more difficult to locate more of God. Obtain more grace. This gives us allow God to overcome the hard work leads us. He shares it possible to overcome all the worries and fears that make high stage of our lives.
God by His pleasure to enjoy with Iran, is none other than the joy of salvation. It is hard to live while the unsaved is vain. Without this guarantee is to enter the kingdom of God, my dream is fulfilled handeul Would that mean?
I dream of becoming the joy of the Church in Southern California church to enjoy the true joy of heaven, and the world can not give. Then, seek to be a church that deliver joy to the world.
You for visiting our website! Holy God, please believe with you. And, enjoy the joy thanks God bless you get the strength to carry doesigireul world.
"We Rejoice in the Lord always!"
\ "Rejoice in the Lord always! \"
Vision Church
Vision given by God to the Church of Our Joy Southern California are two significant.
First, the Church is to be the flowing grace of God to the world.
Second, the church will be to train the personnel of saving the world.
To achieve these two visions, dreaming of our church goes up with the five community below.
1. Community service
Must succeed in worship will succeed in life.
Leave time to worship a priority in everyday life.
We have all the time in the life of God existed before the body, mind and worship so soon.
2. Educational Community
Learn the words that I seek to be convinced.
There is no joy in Southern California church 'graduated'.
While there continues to learn the Word of life.
The first generation of immigrants is the best investment for the next generation of religious education.
This is because it is the best legacy of faith heritage.
3. Mission Community
Missionaries out into the mission field, and they are sending missionaries.
All the missionaries.
The missionaries from our church aims to commission alone.
Pray for all nations, and having been further oriented holding gospel missions, including the Northern North.
4. Serving the community
The deal to supply power from God.
Serve in a hidden place without a name, without even light.
Who are so grateful to favor long island with joy and gladness to the hearts of resources.
Encourage each other to the top.
We look forward to praise and reward him.
Long island with a willing spirit.
5. Fellowship Community
We are the members of Jesus Christ, confess doesimeul head of the church.
To respect one another and take care.
Divide the fellowship of love in words.
A month into a cell and the cell Koinonia Worship homes have twice the cell meeting.
This is the place where all offenses are covered church in Southern California joy.
site map
1. The church guide
About the church / worship minutes / Vision Church / C.I. About Us / Board of the organization / church footsteps / worship guide / Location / Facilities
2. Pastor
Biography and activities / Pastoral Resources / writing to Pastor
3. Rejoicing TV
Sunday pulpit / conferences / Jerusalem / Hallelujah / hesedeu / express and testify
4. Education
Kindergarten / Primary Elementary / Secondary Youth / JOY college youth (KM) / Hangul School / EM College & Adults
5. Parenting
New Family Parenting / adults Bible study
6. Mission
Domestic Mission / Missions abroad / missions news / album Mission
7. Service / Communion
M / Ladies evangelism meeting / cell organization / group
 8. Community
Notice / guide book cafe / church bulletin / event Album / Archive Church / Prayer Request / Free Board
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