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Hallelujah! All those who visit the church website yangpyeongeup
We pray for the peace of God imhagi.
One newspaper in Britain the fastest in the region at the end of England to London
The contest was presented to the person who comes to how jugetdaneun 10 million pounds prize money.
The variety of people jumped did present a plane, ship, various means such as automobiles
This implies that he had become a fierce competition.
But an unexpected answer of a man who has made a nod to everyone
Within man there is tweaked won the prize of 10 million lbs a man presenting
The correct answer is this. "I will go with good friends."
"Far but it goes a long busy trip alone, go with a friend
I'm happy as long no matter how short the distance is also felt. "
Jesus told us so.
"From now shall not call you servants servant say you were called because the owner does not know that I have a friend called hayeoteum known to you all that are my Father (John 15:15)."
As far insaenggil this risk it will be able to enjoy the pleasure of the gospel of Jesus Christ when accompanied Sanya friends. Through our church yangpyeongeup directed closer to Jesus and, today a day of joy and hope, blessing an abundance in your life.
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