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Welcome to the modern western kkumteo kindergarten.
Bud began in one small seed is rich and infinite manure
Love bloom beautiful flowers bear fruit, as
Our modern kindergarten Dream Tree of life are valued based on the Dodge
A wide infants to children to bloom into a beautiful personality
Environmental education can be a rich manure and teachers are constantly
Best to fully unfold its potential interest and love
I will do.
With joy, love and cherish caring for each other and share the impressive increase
Modern kindergarten for a happy family with a modern kindergarten
Thank you a lot of love and encouragement.
Thank you.
- Kindergarten Name: Modern West Kindergarten
- Address: Dong-gu, Ulsan West 25th street
- Website: http: //
[site map]
Won Introduction: Introduction to Contemporary Western Ledger | Introduction to Modern East Dean | Kindergarten symbol | Educational goals | Staff (the modern West) | Staff (modern eastern) | way to come
Educational activities: routine operations | Annual training plans | May training plans | Featured Training | Specialized activities
West Preschool: blue sea half (5 years) | Blue haneulban (5 years) | Fine mind half (6 years old) | Pretty smiling half (6 years old) | Bright sunshine half (7 years old) | Sunny spring half (7 years old) | Happiness half (full day) | Van full of love (full day)
Parents space: Notification Article | Love ahnabada | Car timetables | Being a good parent | Events of the Month | Event Photos | Healthy Dining Table
The open courtyard: Free Board | Committee | Requests leveled up



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