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The whole new shopping experience unveiled at Lotte Online Duty Free.
Meet the most powerful duty free brand in Korera and enjoy the new mobile shopping experience faster and easier for everyone.
1. All-in-one shopping app: Shop all Lotte Duty Free stores using one single duty free shopping app.
2. Quick shopping: Select colors, sizes, and options you want faster and easier.
3. Smart View: Take a quick look at the best-selling items, famous brands, membership rewards, and more!
4. Lotte Duty Free membership: Sign up in seconds and start getting rewarded today.
■ App permissions
Lotte Duty Free observes and is bound by Paragraph 2, Article 22 (Gathering and Handling of Personal Information) of the Act on Promotion of Utilization of Information and Communications Network. Please read the following details and give your consent for access, collection, and use of your personal information by Lotte Duty Free in accordance with the Network Act. The Lotte Duty Free App will only access, collect, and use the following information with your consent for the purposes stated. You can change your app permissions whenever you want. Additional permissions are not required to use the Lotte Online Duty Free App.
- Notifications : promotions notifications, personalized products, and secret coupons
- Biometric authentication : Use biometric information for signing in.
- Camera : Use camera for scanning QR codes and uploading passport images
- Photos, Media, and Files: Upload photos in devices
- Location : L.POT rewards, news from nearest stores
- Bluetooth : location-based services
- Microphone/Voice search : voice search services
- Phone: Check the status of phone while using voice recognition (when using the app in traditional Chinese)
※ Depending on your mobile operating system (Android 6.0 or below), app permission settings may not be available.
Please update your mobile operating system to manage app permission on your mobile device. You can reset all of your app permissions by deleting and re-installing the app.
※ Customer service center
Online shopping: +82-1688-3020
Mon to Fri 10:00 to 19:00 (KST)
※ Allowing the app to access your location information and turn on Bluetooth will result in your device using GPS continuously for location and draining batteries more quickly.



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