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[Dream Dictionary Daquan] is an upgraded version of the original Duke Dream [Encyclopedia] on the basis of a version upgrade, provide better experience and optimization, because we have to do the best and most complete Chinese Dream applications.
[Dream Dictionary Daquan upgraded version] will also be present on Google Play platform data most comprehensive Dream Dictionary application.
This new version includes Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional two kinds of languages ​​are free to switch.
For the dream of eliminating the data basis from the "Dream Dictionary", "broken dreams secretary", "book Dunhuang Dream," "Dream 林玄 solution" Dream and many other ancient literature, reference high value.
Dream Dictionary, which spread in the book of folk Dream.
For posterity by the name of Duke Ji Dan and the book lists all kinds of dreams, and dreams predict good and bad. Dream culture is ancient Chinese culture, an important part of the indispensable, although gauche, but it was very popular in folk.
But in human cultures, both ancient and modern, understanding of dreams is always a mystery.
In undeveloped tribal society, as is often the dream of God or the devil mischief indicating solid surprising.
Dreams but illusory things, the so-called Riyousuosi night had a dream, this software is for reference only, can not believe everything.
Key words Dream, Dream Dictionary, the fate of fortune, Cezisuanming
1 dream Classification - Classification dream big 20
2 Dream Search - Quick Search by keyword positioning Dream dream content
3 Dreamland search history - to facilitate your search experience every time
4 supports Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional free to switch - do the best Chinese Dream class of applications
5 user community - anonymously share your dreams
6 user feedback - your opinion must be our motivation
Our goal is: do the best and most complete Chinese Dream applications.



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