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Are you a dancer or a dance instructor? Do you own or run a Dance studio? Are your kids dancers? Are you in love with one or more dance forms like ballet, Tango, Rumba, Hip-hop, Salsa, Tap dance and more?
If yes, then this is the mobile app for you! The mobile app is completely free to download and use for dancers, instructors, and Guardians! mobile app is a platform for Dance studios to engage with their members in the digital world. Studio owners, Instructors, Students, and Guardians can use the application. The platform gives the dance studios a digital presence and opens up new avenues to engage, re-engage with their members and
Who can use the app?
1. Dance Studios must first register them in this application and upon approval, set up their studio in the platform.
2. Students (dancers), Guardians, Instructors of dance studios registered in the mobile app can use the app.
3. Studio owner / staff can use the app.
Note:If you are not a registered member of a dance studio registered in the app, you cannot use the application. Please ask your Studio to get registered in the application and then start enjoying the app.
Studio owners / admin will have access to a web based admin panel from where they can set up the studio. You can enjoy your free trial and then pay nominal usage charges for using the software platform. Registered users of a dance studio can use the mobile app free of cost.
Key features
1. Showcase dance studio profiles
2. Show case Instructor / dance teacher profiles
3. Manage attendance
4. Manage schedules
5. Announce launch of dance courses
6. Post news and activities
7. Studio Media gallery
8. You can sign up for new courses
9. Students can pay for dance classes to the Studios.
10. Manage payments made / received / overdue
11. Manage events
12. Buy or reserve merchandise.
13. Manage guest visitors.
14. And much more.
Check out the app in details and get onboard!



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