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Independent Yemeni news channel main courtyard, Yemen, his left hand and south, east and west, and the world in general, when the information is a major and important part to share with everyone.
Our motto of information from its source, and our mission is to be with the event to read the details of field information from their main sources contribute to providing the truth and make it available to the public information as a fundamental right of citizenship rights in the modern era, the global open space era.
We strive to be a major source of information in Yemen, a difficult challenge in light of the large amount of sites and large shifts in the means of social communication, which will be one of our tools to communicate with the public everywhere in the spread of Al? The soil of Yemen and beyond.
Care about the flooded areas and issues of basic citizens are a key part of our work, and the citizen is the real head of our money. So keen to have correspondents everywhere, covering the event from the field, mining for the homeland and the citizen's issues and helping to transfer and broadcast to the world.



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