Личный дневник с паролем

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Your personal diary with a password is simple and convenient.
It has only the most necessary functionality without unnecessary "tinsel".
It is NOT notes
It is NOT Weekly
It is NOT Calendar
It is NOT a list
This is just a personal blog
Each new day, a new page will be created for you. You can fill it with your thoughts, ideas, experiences and important events. Add real photos and photos of their drawings (doodles).
Your personal diary with a password works
offline , ie
without the Internet .
All records are stored in the memory device, be it a phone or a tablet.
To copy a recording to another device (phone or tablet) you need to select the "Make backups" and after the creation of
backup will be asked to send it to the standard Android means. This means you can share's backup records through the mail, cloud storage, instant messenger.
Then, on another device, you need to select "Import Records" and the recording will be restored.
We strongly recommend that you make backups of records as often as possible!
For the convenience of searching records in the application system created hashtags. It is enough to write the word with a # in front of it and the tag will appear in a special menu automatically. He himself will disappear from this list, if entries with this tag will be no more. The next time you need to enter in the record tag which is already somewhere was used, there will be a handy list with the hashtag and will simply click on the desired.
To use the application it was nice, you can choose the appropriate
color scheme .
To record looked nice, we recommend the use of third-party applications, such as camera, photo editors and Carolyn. There you can add text to the photo or photos to put in a frame. Edit the photo by removing temporary imperfections and adjust color and white balance.
In the play store a lot of good applications for the drawing. They can make a sketch, and then just add it to your blog.
For owners of Android 4.4 or higher available
smilies (emoji). To activate them, you need to hold down for a few seconds on the keyboard ENTER (located in the lower right corner of the keyboard)
If you use a new keyboard from Google - Gboard, in the recording, you can easily insert a variety of additional information, such as weather, addresses, and more.
The application is constantly updated, we try to periodically add to it more and more useful features. By the way, if you have an idea or a problem sure to write us. During the day we will try to answer.
We are grateful to all users of the application, which has long been with us and help us with their feedback to improve the app.
Thank you!
If you like this app do not hesitate to recommend it to my friends :)
Apps Team wishes you a pleasant use!



الإصدار: 2.0.44

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.0.3 or later


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