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This application;
* Hundreds of general knowledge about plants and their benefits,
* Information about the disease and descriptions,
* Dozens of vegetable mixture,
* Dozens of food nutritional values ​​and characteristics,
* Nutrition and related plants often heard, especially the dozens of concepts and detailed description of this application, the term
It includes.
* A discomfort associated plants, foods and mixes easily accessible on one page. If you like plants, you can mix the food or selecting information.
* You and your friends can easily calculate your body mass indices.
* You can store your own mix to include in the application.
* In practice, all the data is stored in the database. You do not need an Internet connection to access the information.



الإصدار: 1.8

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android2.2 or later


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