El Viacrucis del Señor

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The Via Crucis or Way of the Cross is one of the oldest devotions practiced by Catholics worldwide. It is to accompany Jesus in his passion and death, in his final hours, covering his fourteen seasons, since he was sentenced to death until burial.
 Way of the Cross. Life is full of ways, each has its way and our paths. There are no easy roads and rough roads. There are ways of sin and grace are no roads. There are ways of God and there are ways of men. There are paths to freedom and no roads that lead to slavery.
Lord, today we walk, not our ways, today we want to go your way. A path that has a bad name and a bad name because it is a road that leads to the Cross and, in turn, is a path that must traverse carrying the Cross.
Lord, your way of the cross is not the easy road, but you never spoke of easy trails. You always uphill road you offered, provided you offered ways in which one risks everything, even life itself.
But, Lord, we know that is the only path that leads to life. We know what happens by death, but it is a path that leads to true life. Your way of the Cross is a path of love, a path of fidelity, a path of solidarity and a way where God reveals his love for man and shows how important it is every man.
Lord, to go today this "your way-our way," we do so with hope in your heart and on your feet. We want, to walk it, walk on the wings of hope that make us dawn on Easter. Do not we walk alone, we will go with you. You ahead.



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