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Realize your training goals with the new Beefit application.
Enjoy training and nutrition programs tailored created by real certified coaches and customized to your needs and goals. Manage your joint power to your training, all to carry hand on your mobile, tablet or computer.
personalized training programs
Beefit follows you everywhere! At the gym, in your living room, outside, it adapts to your environment and provides exercises accordingly. With one click, you can access a dashboard that gives you an accurate picture of your programs.
A wide variety of exercises is available to you and have been carefully selected by your real entraîment specialized in the field that is based on your needs according to the questionnaire that you filled in your user account. Especially for you! No robot that creates your program, they are true custom created programs.
A few easy steps to start your workout:
-Create your account and log in
-Choose one of our three packages: 4 weeks, 12 weeks and 24 weeks
-Fill the Beefit questionnaire that allows us to know you more fully
-Your coach Beefit create a personalized program based on the questionnaire
-Start now your training and nutrition program by selecting your day.
nutritional program
A nutritional program is essential to obtaining good results. The layout starts with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. With Beefit, you have the chance to do both regardless of the package you choose.
Of training products in a tablet
Access a multitude of targeted supplements to your goals, and at prices of members with Beefit shop. More than 20 brands are available. Shop online with your credit card and all will be delivered directly to your door!
- Intuitive Dashboard and easy to use
- fitness form to complete and can be changed at any time
manageable drive -program on your mobile with hundreds of videos showing the movements of each exercises.
- Description and technical information of each exercise
- Add and edit your load (weight) in each exercise sheet
- Rest time indicated
- Indicate easily finalize exercises, when done, the system terminates your training day with commentary added.
- History sessions to give you an idea of ​​your monthly motivation
- Power management, customized dietary program based on your goals
- Access to hundreds of specially priced products and supplements
- Packages available according to your budget



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