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★ up status Facebook gets it. There Caps newcomers. Modern day
★ * new * can be calibrated to place the text in the app. Caps put your photo on the photo.
★ can be calibrated to place the text in apps such as Twitter and offline apps more social.
★ Caps phase has hit other cool options fully with over 10,000+ Caps!
★ App Caps phase being any cool very easy to use. Without Internet use.
★ For those who like a text, but not the background. You can also copy text Then place the app anywhere.
★ can share with all your social Facebook, Line, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google +, Twitter. Friends Like fledged certification
★ suitable for users of all ages.
Featuring cool app Caps phase being any quips.
☺ very easy to use Without a net
☺ there being any phase Caps. To fully
☺ can only copy text without the backdrop.
☺ Keep Caps phase because it gets to your favorites. To run all the time
☺ safe Caps being any phase. Like in the gallery below. To share anytime
☺ updated Caps: New. You automatically every day
☺ can schedule updates to Caps: New. Or not alert.
To use the app Caps phase being any quips.
1. Open the app and select the Caps do so.
2. like the Caps. Kept in collections favorites.
3. Once selected, then press Send to a friend offline or phase it.
4. Save Caps like in the gallery below. To share at any time
5. Copy the text only without the backdrop. Resizable Letters anytime
★ Thank you to install apps Caps phase of the cool things I wish you a happy user. And happy to share Caps made to the people in your social.
★ Please support team by telling their friends.
☺ The team is extremely grateful if you will.
Please rate this app 5 stars.
Please comment to let us develop a great app even more.



الإصدار: 1.02

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android2.3 or later


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