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Collection of the best recipes for home-made cheese with step by step photos of Povarё - a great way to cook a great home-made cheese, which will be appreciated by even the most fastidious gourmets.
This valuable and very useful product should be on every table, because it has not only dietary, but also healing properties. Think cook homemade cheese is very difficult? And here and there! Appendix Povarё quickly convince you otherwise!
The best recipes of home-made cheese from Povarё - is:
• cottage cheese mascarpone, mozzarella, ricotta, feta cheese;
• incredibly delicious homemade cream cheese;
• cheese with green onion and cumin or curry and dill;
• cheese with a noble white mold;
• tenderest homemade cream cheese and processed cheese;
• homemade goat cheese with spices;
• great homemade cheese in multivarka.
The history of cheese has about seven thousand years, and is considered the birthplace of his alleged Arab East.
Once a Arabian merchant named Kaman went on a long journey, taking with him some food and milk. Tired of the heat and the long road, Kaman decided to eat something, but when he took a pitcher of milk out of it flowed a strange watery liquid, and at the bottom of the container merchant found a dense cluster of white. After tasting it, Kaman decided that this product deserves the highest praise, and immediately shared the unexpected discovery with its neighbors. And there was the very first in the world of cheese recipe.
Add cottage cheese recipes in personal cookbook and indulge yourself a natural product of their own preparation, because in this case you'll be sure to know what exactly he is prepared!



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