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Collection of the best dough recipe will help you prepare a wonderful pastry and amazing pastries!
By the way, from dough dishes can be cooked a lot: fragrant pies with fillings, or without, festive cakes, buns and air puffs, cakes, donuts, pies, pasties and even delicious homemade bread!
With the app Povarё you can always learn how to cook biscuit, tea, pancakes, shortbread, butter and many other types of dough.
The best recipes from the test Povarё - is:
• fluffy yeast dough (oparnoe and bezoparnym) for buns, rolls, cakes and pies;
• crumbly shortcrust pastry;
• tender biscuit dough;
• wonderful puff pastry;
• excellent choux pastry;
• Universal fresh dough;
• delicious dough for pancakes and fritters;
• Excellent lean dough;
• batter for cakes;
• original dough on beer from which it turns incredibly delicious cookies;
• dough for homemade pizza, pasta, lasagna and tagliatelle;
• Easy to prepare the dough for the dumplings and dumplings;
• batter for fried pies and chebureks;
• luxurious brioche dough, delicious pastry filo dough and a kind of breeze;
• cold dough kneading dough and long-term storage;
• unusual potato dough from which to cook delicious buns, pizza or cakes.
Discover Povarё app and let your dough is always possible for the glory! And in order not to lose the best recipes, put them in a personal cookbook - then you will always be able to find them and to please the family next culinary masterpiece!



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