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Collection of the best recipes with step by step photos of eggplant on Povarё help you prepare almost any dish of eggplant!
Eggplants can be combined with a wide variety of products, each time getting a new and in their own unique dish - spicy, sour, salty or sweet! Try experimenting and you - with culinary Povarё application is so simple!
The best recipes of delicious dishes from eggplant Povarё - is:
• delicious eggplant with pork in Chinese;
• delicious eggplant in the microwave;
• eggplant with mushrooms in oriental style;
• delicious eggplant in a lemon-honey caramel;
• baked in cabbage eggplant with minced chicken;
• eggplant with meat, tomato and cheese suluguni;
• baked with tomato-cinnamon sauce eggplant;
• unusual pickled eggplant;
• wonderful marinated eggplant;
• eggplant tasteful mushrooms;
• excellent eggplant in honey marinade;
• eggplant with basil for the winter;
• sharp little smoky eggplant;
• quick pickled eggplant;
• delicate eggplant with peanut sauce.
Save your favorite recipes in your own cookbook, and they will always be at your fingertips!



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