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Collection of the best recipes with step by step photos of Povarё will allow you to enjoy the subtle and piquant taste delicious lecho!
Currently, it is incredibly popular Hungarian dishes are prepared literally everywhere. By the way, in Hungary lecho always served as a second course, and in Russia it is considered a nutritious winter harvesting.
Cook lecho can be different - it can get thick or liquid, sweet or spicy, full vegetable, or with the addition of meat, etc. You do not have the right recipe..? They are waiting for you in the culinary application Povarё!
The best recipes lecho from Povarё - is:
• classic recipes lecho;
• Lecho Hungarian without vinegar;
• lecho of tomatoes and sweet peppers;
• lecho in multivarka;
• satisfying lecho with bacon;
• lecho with mushrooms;
• lecho in haste;
• lecho-adjika of hot pepper;
• bright lecho with tomato juice;
• lecho with eggplant;
• spicy lecho pepper and onion;
• lecho with zucchini;
• lecho with cucumbers;
• Vitamin lecho with zucchini;
• lecho with mushrooms;
• mushrooms with lecho;
• sweet lecho.
Prepare delicious lecho with Povarё and add the best recipes to your own cookbook - though they will always be at your fingertips!



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