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Collection of the best recipes of home pickled and salted tomatoes with step by step preparation and photographs from Povarё provides you with a unique opportunity to enjoy the excellent taste of domestic preparations!
The bright pickled tomatoes will be a real highlight of your daily meal and great winter will decorate any holiday table. They are useful, fragrant, tasty and charge a great mood!
Would you like to get your canned tomatoes were great fun? In the culinary application Povarё you expect the best and tested recipes!
The best recipes of pickled tomatoes from Povarё - is:
• delicious pickled tomatoes for every taste;
• excellent tomato halves;
• Pickled green tomatoes;
• Pickled tomatoes;
• salted tomatoes;
• tomatoes, marinated in a microwave oven;
• «live tomatoes" in the winter;
• delicious tomatoes in their own juice;
• wonderful dessert tomatoes;
• quick pickled tomatoes;
• juicy tomatoes, marinated with garlic;
• green tomatoes in Italian;
• delicious tomatoes, pickled onions;
• marinated tomatoes with carrot tops;
• marinated tomatoes with citric acid.
Take the most delicious recipes in personal cookbook, and you will be able to cook wonderful tomatoes every season!



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