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A collection of recipes of rice from Povarё provides you with an excellent opportunity to cook a delicious and hearty!
You can always cook a "right" rice for sushi and rolls, wonderful cook rice porridge and side dishes and surprise your loved ones a wonderful rice pudding. How to do it? Just look at the Povarё app - the best and most proven recipes are waiting for you!
The best recipes of rice from Povarё - is:
• useful rice with vegetables;
• delicious rice with seafood;
• easy to prepare rice with cabbage and veal;
• rice for sushi and rolls;
• Spicy rice with shrimp;
• Figure sharp vegetables in coconut milk;
• original rice with dates and almonds;
• delicious rice in Arabic with the liver;
• wonderful rice with mushrooms and zucchini;
• risotto for every taste;
• excellent rice pudding;
• excellent rice porridge;
• excellent rice soup;
• funny rice patties;
• Lightweight rice patties;
• tender chicken with rice muffins;
• hearty rice casseroles.
Rice - the oldest cereal in the world, rich in all kinds of vitamins and trace elements. In addition, it also contains complex carbohydrates that provide long-term energy flow to the muscle tissues of the human body. Especially useful to use rice to people who want to lose weight and suffering from kidney and cardiovascular diseases.
Add your favorite recipes into a personal cookbook and enjoy good food!



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