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Recipes rolls and dishes Lavash with step by step photos of Povarё - a huge kingdom amazingly delicious food!
Especially widely dishes Lavash spread in Iran, Afghanistan, in a number of regions of the Near East and in many peoples of the Caucasus.
And in recent years, the unleavened bread in the form of thin cakes gained enormous popularity, and we have: agile hostess prepared pita bread with a variety of dishes. Do you want to try too? Take a look at the culinary application Povarё - there you will find a lot of great recipes!
The best recipes of dishes from the rolls and pita from Povarё - is:
• delicious rolls of pita with a variety of fillings;
• spectacular roll pita with pink salmon;
• magnificent roll of pita bread with bean paste and vegetables;
• unusual roll of pita bread with fish and avokadnoy stuffing;
• wonderful loaf of pita bread with salmon and tomatoes;
• hearty rolls of pita stuffed with meat;
• delicious rolls with chicken pita;
• perfect snack rolls of pita;
• quick lavash rolls for breakfast;
• flavored pita bread with smoked cheese;
• salad with avocado in pita bread;
• cheese-curd mini cakes Lavash;
• delicious basket of pita;
• Lavash cake for breakfast.
Add your favorite recipes and dishes from the rolls in lavash own cookbook and pamper your loved ones with exquisite dishes!



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