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Collection of the best shawarma recipes with step by step photos of Povarё will help you learn how to cook excellent home Shawarma!
There is hardly a man who never in his life did not try this hearty dish. Now is the time to learn how to cook shawarma own, and it is not necessary it should be a classic shawarma, because it is always possible to prepare the dish from the fact that there is in the refrigerator. And to cope with this problem the best way you can help application Povarё!
Best Recipes Shawarma from Povarё - is:
• classic beloved by many shawarma;
• excellent shawarma without lavash;
• shawarma for vegetarians;
• nourishing shawarma prints;
• amazing shawarma with a secret;
• shawarma grill in profiteroles with rye flour;
• Pancake mini shawarma;
• grilled shawarma with buckwheat.
Originally called shawarma invented steppe herders Turkmen dish, which is made from finely chopped meat Saiga gazelle or placed in his stomach is washed and bathed in grease of the same animal. These stomachs were kept in a sewn for a few months, and their content is not spoiled!
Only after some time it is the Middle East began to prepare a dish of pita stuffed with fried minced meat with fresh vegetables and various sauces and spices.
Today shawarma - one of the most popular fast food dishes.
Learn how to cook shawarma yourself, you save yourself from having to buy it on the street. And to favorite recipes always at hand, just add them to your personal cookbook!



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