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Healthy food - a pledge of good health. This is known to all housewives, on whose cozy kitchen flaunts steamer. No oil and hazardous products - exclusive use for the whole family! It remains only to prepare your meal, its beautifully arrange and serve.
Step by step photos available to each recipe clearly illustrate each step of the preparation of a particular dish, and experienced users comments always help you choose the most worthy recipe.
Looking at Povarё, you can always cook:
• meat in a double boiler (manti, homemade sausage, ham with prunes, steam meatballs of veal);
• rice in the steamer, which you will find extremely tasty and crumbly;
• cake in a double boiler with cranberry sauce;
• scrambled eggs in a double boiler with potatoes and cheese.
Povarё supports its members in the desire to lead a healthy lifestyle. That is why the application is presented solid collection of dishes for steamers - from the simplest to the most sophisticated.
Your personal cookbook necessarily be supplemented by interesting and original recipes for the steamer, and relatives and friends will be pleasantly surprised by the tasty and yet healthy dishes!



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