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Collection of the best recipes of homemade yogurt with step by step photos of Povarё ever save you from having to buy yogurt at the store!
It is no secret that this product is very useful, because it contains a great number of beneficial bacteria that produce necessary for human health nutrients. So if you want to improve digestion, cleanse the body of toxins, or just eat something tasty, excellent cook homemade yogurt and dishes with it! A Povarё application necessarily will help you!
The best recipes of homemade yogurt from Povarё - is:
• homemade Greek yogurt;
• gentle yogurt with biscuit, chocolate and marmalade;
• refreshing yogurt with sour cucumber;
• tasty yogurt of warm milk;
• chocolate yogurt with nuts;
• homemade yogurt in the oven;
• homemade yogurt in multivarka;
• delicious yogurt with figs and almond petals;
• useful berry yogurt;
• delicious dessert yoghurts;
• home drinking yoghurt;
• homemade yogurt of warm milk with cinnamon.
In addition, our app presents recipes for various dishes and drinks with yoghurt:
• sauces of yogurt;
• salads with yogurt dressing;
• smoothies, cocktails and other beverages with yogurt;
• delicious yoghurt desserts.
Yoghurt - is one of the oldest food produced by man. Set the exact time of his appearance is no longer possible, however, many historians believe that yogurt came in a period from 9000 to 6000 BC. e. And in Europe, yogurt began to gain popularity after Francois I, King of France, was healed with the help of ongoing diarrhea. Court physician to help the king, alas, failed, but a valuable aid in the form of yoghurt came from the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman.
Many of us regularly use this useful and nutritious product, so why not start to cook it at home? Take in a personal cookbook and the best recipes every day enjoy fresh and delicious yogurt!



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