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تفاصيل التطبيق

The purpose of this app is to educate Muslim prayer, which he was obliged to the Almighty Allah.
The application steps set out all elements of the five-time prayer.
The text is presented in the original language (Arabic), supplemented by transcription and translation. It also has audio recording of each phrase to listen to a professional reading namaz.
The app will help you learn how to read namaz.
In the proposed embodiment, the minimum necessary to read the hanafiyskomu madhhab.
As part of the prayers presented Surah "Al-Fatiha", "Al-Ikhlas", Al-Takasur, Al-Maun, "Al-Kyausar", "Al-Asr", "Al-Kyafirun", "An-Nas".
(Read more about the additional sura:.. In the first two Rakyat-fard prayers after Surah al-Fatihah read other short suras of consistency these suras is sunnah Failure to follow this sequence is makrooh.
Therefore it is necessary to comply with the order of the small surahs, read after the Fatiha:
1. Further sura, read the second Rakyat should not precede those who have been read in the first Rakyat. next surah should be read.
2. Sura, readable in the second Rakyat should not be longer suras, which we read in the first Rakyat.
Hukm 4 madhhab:
Madhhab of Imam Abu Hanifa, may Allaah be pleased ankh. ( "Al-Fataawa al-Hindi" Nizamuddin Sheikh Hanafi, rahimahullAhu taalya.Tom 1st, pp. 572-573).
Madhhab of Imam Malik, may Allaah be pleased anhu. ( "Al-Maliki fiqh wa adillyatuhu" Sheikh al-Habib ibn Tahir, hafizahullAhu taalya.Tom 2nd p. 298).
Imam Shafi'i madhhab, may Allaah be pleased anhu. ( "Fathul Allama bi Sharh murshidil anam" Sheikh Muhammad Sayyid Abdullah al-Dzhardani, rahimahullAh.Tm 2nd page 298)
Madhhab of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, may Allaah be pleased anhu. ( "Al-Mughni," Imam Ibn Qudaamah al-Makdusi rahimahullah. Tom 1st, pp. 572-573)



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