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The application calculates the amount of possible losses and possible gains for the open position.
The current version of the calculation is for stocks and futures on the MICEX FR.
This application is the trial free version.
Functional coincides with the paid app, but there are the following limitations:
1. Calculation of a maximum of 5 tools.
2. Advertising block in the application.
Algorithms of the basic and free version are identical.
It may be useful to calculate the required amount to hold the position for a possible change of the prices on the tools and / or changes in the risk factor and the size of GO, as well as to evaluate the possible profit ...
Tool parameters can be set up manually, or they can read the application with mosbirzhi site.
For information on futures used to specify the value of the GO, the price step, step, cost price, the expected entry price, stop price and the price target application.
For ordinary shares used information on the number of shares in one lot, the position in lots, the risk factor, the entry price, stop price bid, the target price.
For shares need to specify the percentage of risk factor, as indicated by a broker site or NCC (i.e., 20 instead of 0.2 for sberbank).
For the fiscal result of completed transactions in the stock market, you are responsible yourself.
I laid in the application logic that the risk factor for the short and long positions of the same.
Some brokers may differ in this case it is necessary to indicate a higher risk koefftsient application.
Russian legislation allows brokers to establish a higher value of collateral than stated on the website of the Moscow Stock Exchange, as well as to establish a higher risk factor than indicated on the NCC website.
Future versions plan to add functionality to the application for the automatic loading of parameters from the NCC server (for stocks) and mosbirzhi (for futures).
The developer shall not be liable for any force majeure, for example, an unexpected termination of the exchange, change in the rules for calculating the variation margin, the termination of trading in all or part of the financial instruments or other factors that may adversely affect your financial condition.
The application performs the calculation according to the rules for calculating the variation margin and risk according to the rules that are relevant to the 03/08/2016.
If you find a bug in the application, please report it by e-mail or leave a review about the application.



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نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.0 or later


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