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Sinners. Alex Churbanov
They say that modern urban intellectuals mired in arcane discussions and forgotten how to love? No matter how true! Spiritual searching, philosophical debates and worldly entertainment will not hide relations sensuality novel heroes and cools the heating of their struggle for love and happiness. From light flirting to the indomitable passion and through the all-destroying jealousy leads the author of his characters to the higher order tests when at stake is life itself. With the development of the plot concentration of feelings, thoughts and emotions comes to the limit. An unusual, but if you think about it, a Russian end ...
The novel will find:
- A fascinating story and is psychological;
- A university intellectuals - honest;
- About love in a forgotten sense of the word;
- The characters are as alive as you and me;
- Will argue about;
- In the end it becomes clear that the novel - serious.
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