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The first and largest application of e-learning for schools on mobile
Saudi private schools
Student Services (e duties - duties and working papers - to communicate with the teacher - e - distribution method - the distribution of the curriculum - Class Schedule - reports of academic and behavioral level - we shared adventures - and other services such as a distinct program encouragement .. My Points program for students)
Parents Services - follow all your children from a single screen, such as interactions of the school day (absences - Delay - authorization - to perform the duties and assignments - Reviews - Excellence - Positive feedback) and follow-up sons tasks (such as lesson plans and distribute the curriculum - homework and worksheets - Electronic duties and the degree of student every duty), as well as access to academic and behavioral report Al throughout the school day and many outstanding services, in addition to the possibility of communicating with the school through the academic complaints and observations.
Teacher Services (class schedule - the quota management electronically from the absence of a delay in the permission, and posts and record of excellence and positive comments - the distribution of the curriculum and weekly plans - duties electronic - worksheets - work tests ....)
And other services many distinct and diverse ..
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نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.1 or later


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