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You who are learning English? You like to travel abroad? ... Whether the case, will still be situations distract you and forget you need to do and say anything to the person opposite. Maybe then you forget words or forgetting question certain basic communication ... Do not worry, the app now has "Handbook of English", it is a handbook simple English and also a best friend, always there to remind you
Apart reminiscent knowledge of English, the "Handbook of English" There is a list of jokes, sayings, idioms, ... to remind you always cheerful and energetic in life
The category that "Handbook of English" are included:
     - Vocabulary by topic. For example, personal information, locations in the house, ...
     - Learn vocabulary by Alexandrine
     - The question of communication commonly used by theme. Example: At the post office, at a restaurant, ...
     - Countries and nationalities by region. For example, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, ...
     - Grammar
     - Table irregular verbs
     - The maxim
     - Idioms
     - International Jokes
     - Stories or English - Vietnamese
     - The quotes in English. Example: On the Parents, Teachers, Love, ...
     - Messages confession in English
We will always try to update content and add additional genres as well as many more new topics for more help for you
Thanks for your support!



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