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Lipid and Atherosclerosis Society Republic of China aims to enhance lipid abnormalities basic and clinical research and arteriosclerosis, strengthen the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, in order to improve the health of citizens and promoting international academic exchanges. To enhance and encourage domestic lipids and atherosclerosis and other clinical, basic research, Society, founded the "Outstanding Research Paper Award", and in each year will award, in recognition of the country for the purpose of research and arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease expert of excellence scholars, to enhance domestic research level. Further academic research, on a regular basis every year three will be held in June and September related symposium, inviting domestic and foreign basic clinical and blood fat arteriosclerosis experts to participate in discussions, exchange views with each other in order to obtain new knowledge.
Provide medical personnel to learn new knowledge to provide more active, particularly working group set up cloud, build cloud Republic of China Society of lipids and atherosclerosis (TSLA APP). Under this APP Features:
* Society Message:
Include an introduction to learn, to learn the latest developments, organizing messages related to domestic and international seminars, conferences related tidbits and so on.
* Society of speech:
Seminars, etc. held the annual meeting of the Society and the Society jointly organized with other related fields to include.
* Treatment Guidelines
2017 Taiwan Lipid Guideline for High Risk Patients for the spindle of related seminars.
* Continuing education lecture
Quality Symposium cooperation with the industry.
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