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AFRAID OF COLLECTORS, MFIs and banks no longer have to !!!
There are a great solution of debt problems!
Dear users of smartphones, Your attention is made new, unmatched in the world, an application to protect the rights of borrowers and debtors "Salvation of the debtor."
If you have:
- the current credit, loan or other debt,
- concerned about the banks or collectors,
- be acquainted with the bailiff,
- tortured debts
- to be a bankruptcy procedure;
- violation of rights in the field of lending and borrowing ...
immediately install our app on your phone and begin to study it!
We have ready-made solutions for all these problems. Pay study Annex 5 minutes a day and in 15 days the problem will begin to recede, and at 3 months, most of them irrevocably a thing of the past.
One of the creators of the application - the debtor with a decade of experience and a multimillion-dollar debt, the positive out of his experience, we tried to transfer and use in the Appendix.
A lot of useful information, debt problems, ready procedural documents to the courts and banks, samples of claims, the basis of legislation - a simple and accessible language, the real stories of people who have fallen into debt, negotiation tactics with collectors and more.
If the application does not contain the necessary information for you - we will promptly complete it!
Do not make legal actions in relations with creditors, has not yet consulted with the application. Desperate situations do not happen!
Each month the useful information in the Appendix will be updated. Do not forget to track installed updates on your phone.
We will wait for feedback from you!
If you have something not found, we do not understand something does not agree or want to share your positive or negative experiences - MUST WRITE TO US !!! Anonymity is guaranteed.
E-mail: or via the feedback form in the application.



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