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Ad 3km application on the phone for the first time using GPS technology to help sell the home buying convenient, reliable and safe. We develop the desired 3km this is a breakthrough in the field of good help solve Ad annoyances inherent platforms traditional Ad as:
• Want to buy Ad-governmental but not know where to buy.
• For small repairs that do not know who to call.
• Search Ad buy but too inconvenient. Find food like that, but the back was too far. Or call to say is sold already.
• Then again inconvenient for sale also. Keep getting phone calls constantly to disturb. Semi finished caller also asked.
The advantages of 3km applications include:
• To find: Need to buy governmental? Click 3km radius. Spoiled for choice!
• Easy: Just shoot, post and chat with buyers to lock in prices. Right on your phone.
• To sell: Sell stuff you do not need any more? Just snap the latch the call is complete without being bothered.
• TRANSACTIONS SAFER: Chat live chat with the seller / buyer shall preside in the application before deciding to meet or sale. View comments, reviews of other users and leave comments, their assessment after the transaction.
• mobile apps on the App Store and Google Play Market.
• FREE, and always the same.
Catalog of products - goods and services can be traded on the 3km:
• Selling (products - goods)
• Service
• Housing
• Job
• Others, such as Find relatives, announce the establishment of enterprises, Mitigation, Search Partner / Co ...
Use 3km, you can liquidate even the utensils are not used as toys mother and baby, cosmetics, clothing, kitchen utensils, indoor and outdoor furniture, toys technology, vehicles, and buy right dishes I need cheap furniture.
Use 3km, you can find the right one to fix electricity, water, communication bridges stuffy, bonsai care and your pet, find helpers ... Be sure to refer to the comments and reviews of people who have used their services previously offline.
Use 3km, you may purchase, lease and rental housing, apartments, offices, factories, shops ... without intermediaries. You can report a violation of the non-governmental posting.
Use 3km, you can post recruitment or seasonal jobs right near you.
And have at hand everything other essential errands but other daily ...
Download Now application right up 3km to purchase items you need, service you want within 3km, and more ...
To learn more about 3km level and step transactions, please visit
To learn more about level Code of Conduct and refer 3km community safety advice, please visit
To know the rules used applications and websites 3km, please visit
Need assistance, please contact us by live chat on the website or email us about Or you can contact us at:
to receive updates from 3km.



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نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.0.3 or later


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