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Tibetan divination MO, like any divination, aims to clarify the human future that awaits him - whether it's an answer to a specific question or a description of the overall situation.
According to legends, to divination is successful, the questioner must perform a series of rituals aimed at gaining the favor and support of the saints and deities, however, we decided to slightly modify this divination, making it understandable and convenient for the modern man.
We offer you a few important spheres of life, about which you can get a prediction:
- The total forecast;
- The challenges in front of you;
- A family;
- Property;
- Personal life;
- Friends;
- Enemies;
- Recreation;
- Health;
- Personal development;
- Practical Action.
Getting divination, select a date for you scope. Keep in mind the question you are interested and name of the person to which the fortune-telling (if you're wondering not afford) and click on the cubes. It will drop one of the thirty-six unique combinations in your chosen sphere of life. Your thoughts need to immerse themselves in the problem that bothers you. Remember that the best will be able to concentrate on divination, the more accurate the result.
Initial predictive MO system requires some preliminary meditation to be carried out immediately prior to divination. If you know how to meditate - you can use it in this article can help you to our application, but if not - just try to organize his thoughts.
We hope that you will easily master this new and exciting way of divination!
We have tried to make this application available to all, so some questions are in the public domain, and to gain access to the rest of you want to see a little advertising, or purchase the full version of the program. The full version is also available and save the results of divination articles that contain a lot of useful and interesting information.
Any questions on the application, you can specify in our group:



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