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Application Zajel offers delivery of applications to the homes or service to where the presence of the user who submitted the request / Yeh. By relying on many classifications and products that give the user more freedom in shopping across the application, comfort, ease and safety in the use of the application.
So that the application relies on the principle of simplicity and allows the user to many specialized features and available only through the application of Zajel, which in turn makes it easier for the user Trihh from Stow go down to the markets and shopping.
In addition, Zagel has a wide network of suppliers of goods and services as well as drivers to deliver skilled applications where the presence of the user.
Payment of goods purchased as is done through Zajel upon delivery when the arrival of any delivery agent order. In addition, the application supports three basic languages ​​in which the language in Arabic and English and Turkish language to make it easier for users to know how these languages ​​enjoy using the application in their preferred language.



الإصدار: 1.0.2

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.2 or later


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