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** Offline reading, unusual. The essence of ancient Chinese wisdom of strategy, under control, panoramic view **
China thousands of years of history in the development and the change process, in constant military and political struggle, has accumulated a number of relevant aspects of thinking and resourcefulness books. These resourcefulness today remains fresh vitality, it is worth today people try to figure out study and research reference.
Classical wisdom and strategy more than 40 books include: "The Analects of Confucius", "Book of Changes", "stop learning," "university," "moderate" and "Mencius", "tube", "Zhuangzi", "I", "Zi "" plain book "," Han "," ice Kam "," An Exposition "," Han Feizi "," Rule of Law "," Tao unlucky technique "," cook by "," ups and downs Kam "," Cai Gen Tan "," Waterways "," Warring States "," thick black school "," Thirty-Six, "" The Art of war "," grandfather Tragic Hero "," Fragments of trickery "," classical view only "," Golden Years politicians "," Mirror "," Historical Records "," Zuo Zhuan "," Three Kingdoms "," Yellow Emperor "," Spring and Autumn annals, "" Shi "," The Complete Works of Wang Yangming "," Zeng Letter " "cheat by", "anti-Jing", "brain", "Chinese fable" and "Mirror text white control."
Supports a variety of font types and font size, text display supports a variety of backgrounds, the visual experience is not easy to fatigue.
Support sliding screen flip simulation operation, support full-screen reading, reading progress support memory function.
The APP will continue updates, continually updated defects, constantly revised wrong, constantly adding more books, and to provide a better reading experience better.



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