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Reading has never been so much fun!
Learning becomes an adventure with Antura, the fun-loving dog. Catch Arabic letters hidden around the world, while solving puzzles and earning gifts along the way. With Antura, kids will be able to easily grow their language skills and practice reading in Arabic as they progress through the game one step at a time. You don’t need internet access to play, so your child can read anywhere!
This free game is great for any child who wants to learn Arabic letters and words. Antura and the Letters is entirely in Arabic, so basic speaking Arabic skills might be required.
- A free app that teaches children the modern standard Arabic alphabet
- Guided lessons on pronunciation
- 32 fun games covering the full Arabic primary school literacy curriculum
- 12 types of quizzes to test and reinforce each subject your child learns
- Customize Antura with over 500 different item combinations!
- 6 incredible worlds with mountains, islands, villages and more
- 85 learning milestones to mark each step of your child’s progress
- 255 play sessions covering the primary school curriculum
- All standard Arabic alphabet, including diacritic symbols - more than 100 letters overall!
- More than 350 words, including 275 nouns, each with its own image
- More than 50 sentences, including greetings and other common expressions
Winner of the international EduApp4Syria competition, “Antura and the Letters” is a free, playful smartphone game that mixes the best entertainment technology with practical Arabic educational content to give kids, ages 5 - 10, an engaging learning experience. Antura was created to support children that are not able to attend schools, but any child can play and learn Arabic easily for free.
Collaborating with expert educators and psychologists, the development team transformed the primary school Arabic literacy curriculum into a fun journey in which kids progress at their own speed, one step at a time. Each success is rewarded with many different colourful items that not only reinforce Arabic skills but also enable children to create their own, unique Antura.
This project was funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and developed by Cologne Game Lab, Video Games Without Borders and Wixel Studios.
If you would like to learn more about the free game Antura and the Letters, the project itself or be part of our supportive community, please visit us at:



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