20/20 Life Count

20/20 Life Count

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إجتماعية | 1.0MB | تحديث: 2017-08-07 | الإصدار: 1.1 | نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android3.0 or later

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With the updating of mobile application, 10,000+ users downloaded 20/20 Life Count latest version on 9Apps for free every week! More apps are free download here! This hot app was released on 2016-03-26. Download in official websites like 9apps and you'll never miss it! { set:10} {क्रमरहित संख्या} युसर्ज़ ने हर हफ्ते मुफ्त में 9apps पर {शीर्षक} नया वर्ज़न डाउनलोड किया.ये एक बहुत ही कमाल की ऐप है जो एंड्राइड एप्स में अनोखी है. यह हॉट मोबाइल ऐप्स {प्रकाशित समय } पर जारी किया गया था. ऐसी ही अधिक एक जैसी एप्लीकेशन यहाँ मिल सकती हैं.
20/20 Life Count is a Magic: the Gathering life counter for two players. Its minimal design allows you to focus on the game while delivering the necessary information about life and poison totals. The intuitive user interface makes updating the game state effortless: swipe up and down to change life or poison totals and reset the duel by swiping left or right. The app stores changes to life totals, giving you the ability to review the game's history in case there is confusion. Shake you device to throw a pair of 20 sided dice.
See our video on YouTube for a tour of the basic features:
Place the app between you and your opponent to give both a view into the current counts. Make your FNMs and other non competitive REL games a better experience!
As the developers of the 20/20 Life Count app for Android, we want to make the following promises:
1) There will always be a free version of the 20/20 Life Count for Android. This is a hobby project that was built to improve games of Magic. If the app becomes popular, we might introduce in-app purchases for things like additional skins, but core functionalities will always be free.
2) There will be no ads. The goal of the app is to be a part of the best possible Magic: the Gathering experience, and the addition of ads would hinder the experience.
3) The app will require minimal permissions. No permissions are currently required, but in case this changes, the reasoning for the requirements will be explained in detail. The source code for the app is available for review at:
4) Constructive feedback will always be listened to and answered to to the best of our abilities. Since this is a hobby project response times may vary.
20/20 Life Count is also available for iOS. The Android version has been of course developed together with the original developer of the iOS application. You can find the iOS application at
Don't hesitate to contact us - preferably through email - if you have trouble with the app. We'll do our best to help. You can also reach us on Twitter at @2020lifecount.
Upcoming features include a round timer and multiplayer support.
If you happen to play quarien on Magic Online, feel free to say hi!
Happy gaming!
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Feature updates:
- shake your device to roll a pair of d20s, optimal for deciding the starting player
- you can also throw the dice from the settings menu when the device is on a table
- third color scheme added: true black, optimal for AMOLED screens
- the app now persists selected settings even when the app is closed
- starting life total of 25 for tiny leaders games
Appearance modifications:
- the update reminder when at 0 life or 10 poison is animated more smoothly

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