Anatomyka - Interactive 3D Human Anatomy

Anatomyka - Interactive 3D Human Anatomy

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الطب | 31.4MB | تحديث: 2020-06-10 | الإصدار: 1.2.0 | نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.1 or later

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There are hundreds of new apps released every week, 30,000+ users downloaded Anatomyka:Human Anatomy Atlas latest version on 9Apps for free every week! The app has made a strong effect. This hot app was released on 2020-06-10. 9Apps allows you to download more apps and updated daily!
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Explore the skeletal system with descriptions, clinical notes, and general information about bones with over 3000 parts, surfaces and foramina including proper organisational hierarchies, and use all of the interactive tools for free.
If you want to see descriptions of the muscles and joints, you can try the 5-day trial.
Our visual tools take human anatomy to a whole new level. Utilising cutting-edge 3D modelling, our app allows you to get up close with human anatomy in all its breathtaking complexity. With medically accurate descriptions accompanying each organ and anatomical structure, this software is perfect for students, professions, or anyone with a casual interest in the human body.
Alongside each organ and structure are descriptive labels, taken from revolutionary anatomical resource ‘Memorix Anatomy’, which are both easy to understand and provide an excellent educational tool.
*** Learning mode: A vivid, color coded 3D map allows users to view high-resolution textures accompanied by informative descriptions from comprehensive textbook ‘Memorix Anatomy’. These are arranged into a proper anatomical hierarchy, meaning learning is structured and easy to understand.
*** Styles: Choose from different themes for a better visual experience, including classic atlas, dark atlas, dark space and cartoon style.
*** Colorize: Set your own color for organs, structures or systems for more effective memorizing
*** Labels: Create labels and pin them to different parts of the body. Labels automatically highlight the name and color of the organ and are great for creating anatomical posters.
*** User-friendly interface: Zoom, rotate, scale, colorize, isolate, select, hide, and fade all anatomical structures
*** Multiple selection: Select multiple organs at once
*** Draw and add images: Customize visuals by drawing or inserting images
*** Search: Look up terms in the Anatomyka ‘terms library’
*** Share: Share your artwork without UI
Every anatomical system is accompanied by detailed information about its structure , including organ information, clinical notes and a general description.
*** Skeletal system - A List of Landmarks is pinned directly to the corresponding bones with description, visualized foramens, correct audio pronunciation, and classification. You can also view them by hierarchy.
*** Muscles – Muscles are sorted into groups and contain a description with origin, innervation, insertion and function. You can also view them by hierarchy.
*** Joints - List of joints containing description with type, shape, articular head and fossa, capsule, ligaments, and movements. You can also view them by hierarchy.
*** Q1 2019
4.Digestive, 5.Respiratory, 6.Urinary, 7.Reproductive, 8.Skin and senses, 9.General anatomy
*** Q2 2019
10.Circulatory, 11.Lymphatic, 12.Nervous, 13.Endocrine
and many more new exciting features!
In 2016, an artistically minded entrepreneur wanted to create an anatomy app that would be scientifically accurate, interactive, and visually engaging. He started from scratch and, with the help of anatomical encyclopedias, modelled every bone, tendon, blood vessel and internal organ - all in stunning 3D! He was later joined by two programmers and together they created this amazing app.
Anatomyka was made for you with love. Any ideas, comments, and constructive criticism are more than welcome :) Feel free to contact us at

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- 1500+ Insertion and origin with descriptions
- Insertion/Origin map for every bone
- Colorize organ for more effective recognition
- X-ray look selection material
- Adjusted Phone UI
- Fixed small bugs in Parts and Surfaces
- Parts and surfaces now also contain Latin names
- Adjusted pins size and position
- More effective organs rotation
- Adjusted selection and colorize material
- Fixed organ names
- Even more accurate muscles to bones connection
- Fixed brief for structures in the hierarchy

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