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※Accuracy of fuel gauges Widgets
Models except we tested, it will not work correctly
"AnimalDesignBattery" is a practicable application program the residual quantity and the temperature of the battery at one view It displays it.
Let's check the amount of the battery remainder with rabbit's widget.
When the widget is put on the home screen, and the tap,animals of the silhouette teach the amount of the battery remainder and the temperature of the battery.
Is the decrease of the battery early somehow?The BatteryStatus button is clicked when thinking.
Let's confirm whether a unwanted application program starts.
Animals of the silhouette are the theme settings, and can be chosen from "Rabbit," "Duck," "Cats," "Penguin," "Wolf","Squirrel" and "Sea turtle".
The background color is "pink", "blue" "green" "yellow". You can choose from four colors.
Temperature display corresponds to Celsius and Fahrenheit.
It sets it with the theme change button.
*Revert to the default set(Animal:Rabbit,BackGround Color:Pink) by the update. Please reconfigure again.
*BatteryStatus is a link of Battery use displayed in "About phone" of "Settings".
*Models other than the following models may not work correctly.
*"docomo LYNX 3D(SH-03C)" and "au IS03" display the remaining battery power by 10%.
【Other inquiries】
 Twitter : @hkd_android_spt

English/Japanese, tested on
- docomo GALAXY Tab 10.1 LTE(SC-01D)
- docomo F-12C
- docomo P-01D
- docomo P-02C
- docomo P-07C
- docomo ARROWS Kiss(F-03D)
- docomo ARROWS X LTE(F-05D)
- docomo ARROWS μ(F-07D)
- docomo Optimus Bright(L-07C)
- docomo Optimus LTE(L-01D)
- docomo MEDIAS WP(N-06C)
- docomo MEDIAS PP(N-01D)
- docomo MEDIAS LTE(N-04D)
- docomo LUMIX Phone(P-02D)
- docomo GALAXY Tab(SC-01C)
- docomo GALAXY SⅡ(SC-02C)
- docomo GALAXY SⅡ LTE(SC-03D)
- docomo AQUOS Phone(SH-12C)
- docomo AQUOA Phone f(SH-13C)
- docomo AQUOA PHONE(SH-01D)
- docomo Q-pot.Phone(SH-04D)
- docomo Xperia arc(SO-01C)
- docomo Xperia arco(SO-02C)
- docomo Xperia Ray(SO-03C)
- docomo Xperia play(SO-01D)
- docomo Xperia NX(SO-02D)
- docomo REGZA Phone(T-01D)
- Softbank HTC Desire HD(001HT)
- docomo MEDIAS(N-04C)
- docomo GALAXY S(SC-02B)
- docomo LYNX 3D(SH-03C)
- docomo REGZA Phone(T-01C)
- Softbank GALAPAGOS(003SH)
- Softbank HTC Desire(X06HT)
- au IS03
- docomo Xperia(X10)
- docomo LYNX(SH-10B)
AnimalDesignBattery uses INTERNET/ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permission to show ads.
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