Electromagnetism Formulas

Electromagnetism Formulas

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Electromagnetism Formulas
The app lists all the important Electromagnetism formulas. Its very useful for student to save valuable time.
This App contains following formulas :
Cherenkov Cone Angle
Parallel Plate Capacitor, Capacitance, Permittivity, Area and Separation Distance
Cylindrical Capacitor Capacitance, Permittivity, Length of Conductors, Outer and Inner Conductor Diameter
Stored Energy with Potential Difference
Stored Energy with Electrical Charge
Energy Storage, Potential Difference and Electrical Charge
Inductance, Number of Turns in a Coil, Core Material Permeability, Coil Area and Average Coil Length
Spiral Coil Inductance
Capacitive Reactance
Inductive Reactance, Frequency and Inductance
Acoustic Impedance
AC to DC Conversion
AC / DC Voltage Drop
Coplanar Waveguide (CPW)
Antenna Array Factor
Antenna Gain
Antenna Polarization
Antenna Wavelength
Dipole Antenna
Antenna Aperture
Friis Path Loss
Inverted Vee Antenna
CPU Power Consumption
Energy Consumption
Processor Heat Sink
Transmission Power Line Loss
Electric Field
Line of Sight VHF / UHF
Lorentz Electromagnetic Force Law
Line of Sight Antenna
Antenna 3db Beamwidth
Capacitors Power Factor
RMS Sine Wave Average Value
Effective Aperture
Transformer Effective Turns Ratio
Electrical Wire Resistivity
Force of Magnetic Field
Total Inductance in Parallel Circuit
Full Wave Rectifier
Voltage Peak Value Sine Wave
Biot Savart Law
Molecular Diffusion Coefficient
Sine Wave Angular Speed
Three Phase Electric Power
Electric Motor Horsepower (HP)
Single Phase Electric Power
Quality (Q) Factor of an Inductor
RMS Sine Wave Effective Value
Coulombs Law of Force
RMS Value of AC Voltage
RMS Alternate Current
Quality (Q) Factor of an Inductor
Resonant Frequency
Series Resonant Frequency
Magnetic Reluctance
Voltage Across Inductance
Mean Flux Density of Oscillating Electric Dipole
Magnetic Flux Density
Alfven Velocity
Coefficient of Finesse
Cyclotron Frequency
Debye Number
Debye Screening
Landau Length
Parallel Circuit Total Inductance
Skin Effect Depth
Larmor Radius
Dipole Antenna
Dielectric constant
The Friis formula for noise facto
Friis Transmission Formula
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This is an app designed for Students for quick access to Electromagnetism Formulas. Electromagnetism formulas can be memorize. So here is a simple way to refer to them and sharpen your Electromagnetism skills.
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