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أدوات | 3.7MB | تحديث: 2017-07-24 | الإصدار: 1.3.5 | نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.3 or later

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1. simple interface, smooth controls, improve the user experience.
2. Users can customize individualized.
3. Intelligent recording setting information, to facilitate the next operation.
4. Features
(1) Bluetooth control car to move around
(2) speed mode to control the maximum speed of the car
Tail light color (3) is provided for setting car tail lights
(4) the gyro calibration for calibrating the gyroscope carriage
(5) adjusting the movement pattern of the car hardness
(6) the sensitivity of the sensitivity adjustment rocker trolley
(7) Status display trolley car temperature, voltage, voltage angle and rocker
(8) About Us FOTBOT operating instructions
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ما هو جديد

1. 简洁的操作界面,流畅的控制,提高用户体验。
2. 用户可以进行个性化的定制。
3. 智能记录设置信息,便于下次操作。
4. 功能简介
(1) 蓝牙控制 控制小车的上下左右移动
(2) 限速模式 控制小车的最高时速
(3) 尾灯设置 用于设置小车的尾灯颜色
(4) 陀螺仪校准 用于校准小车的陀螺仪
(5) 运动模式 调整小车的软硬度
(6) 摇杆灵敏度 调整小车的灵敏度
(7) 小车状态 显示小车的温度,电压,角度和摇杆电压值
(8) 关于我们 FOTBOT的操作说明

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