Family GPS tracker KidControl + GPS by SMS Locator

Family GPS tracker KidControl + GPS by SMS Locator

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إجتماعية | 10.0MB | تحديث: 2019-03-19 | الإصدار: 4.0.2 | نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.0.3 or later

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9Apps is the free store of application, 20,000+ users downloaded KidControl latest version on 9Apps for free every week! It's not only an app it also teaches you how to use it. This hot app was released on 2018-08-08. I believe that if you are an android apps lover, you would not miss it.
Personal safety app keeps track of where your loved ones are. It's free!
Location by SMS is the Premium feature will help you to know the user's location even without expensive internet data plan or/and if the app is suspended by the phone’s energy saving settings into hibernation mode.
★ Receive automated alerts when your loved ones arrive home, school, or any places you set
★ In case of emergency, use the SOS button to send a help alert
★ Browse your child’s location history for today and yesterday
★ Locate via SMS, even if your kid’s phone doesn’t have internet!
★ Kid Control GPS phone tracker can locate even in the underground parking!
★ Get alerts when the phone battery is low, so you can remind your child to charge the phone
★ Navigate to your child location
★ Search for a lost or stolen phone
★ Set up Dangerous zones to receive alerts when your children enter them
★ In Premium version, enable Blackbox feature - recording of geodata when Internet is off
★ Connect Wonlex Smart Baby Watch and enjoy better performance. The app supports Watch models: Q50 - Q1000, Gw100 - Gw1000, Ew100, Ew200, v7k, D100, A16 and many others!
★ Add second child, your spouse and other family members to your account
★ You can see the report of how your child is using and charging her or his phone
★ Kid Control GPS tracker has intelligent battery consumption, so it only uses 1-7% of the battery during the day
★ You no longer have to bother your child with
“Where are you?”
calls or texts
★ Telegram bot for desktop computers @KidControlBot
★ Locate Android Phones and iPhones with Family Locator Kids Control
Free family locator Kid Control is a reliable app for tracking cell phones.
KidControl GPS phone tracker turns your child's phone into a tool for monitoring phone usage and tracking location and safety. Who knows, it might even improve your relationship with your kids!
To get automated alerts when your child arrives somewhere, create Places (geo fences), such as School and Home. When your child enters or leaves these areas, your phone receives a notification.
When the phone's battery level falls below 15%, KidControl GPS tracker sends alerts about this phone, and you can remind your child to charge the phone.
The report on battery and internet shows you how often the phone is charged, how quickly it drains, and when it's disconnected. You can use this information to tell when your child goes to bed and gets up. You can also see the stability of the internet signal for the last two days.
To provide precise coordinates, the phone must have Location service enabled. Enabled Wi-Fi increases accuracy to 30-100 feet and works indoors. GPS location has accuracy of 30-150 feet, only outdoors.
When GPS tracking and Wi-Fi location are turned off or not available, KidControl family locator determines phone's location by LBS coordinates of GSM towers with 300-5000 feet accuracy. Such locations we mark on the map with the "No GPS" icon.
Some parents are worried that their child might delete the app. Based on our experience, it helps to explain to children why KidControl family tracker is useful and let them see when you are on your way home. This level of openness also means your kids won't need to call to ask "Where are you?" or "How soon will you get here?"
If you need assistance with setting up the app or have questions/suggestions, you can reach our tech support directly from the Help section in the app. Or email us at
Upgrade to Premium and get:
unlimited number of Places (only 2 Places can be set in the free version),
2 weeks of location history (instead of 2 days)
GPS via SMS let you get location from a phone even without active mobile data plan.
Blackbox Flight recorder let you record route when Internet is not available.
There are no ads in Premium.

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Location by SMS, it can help when Internet is not available. (SMS permission required on all phones)
Displays phone status: silent / vibration.
Calls and other new commands for GPS Smart Baby Watches.

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