Gestures: Amazing MP3 Recorder

Gestures: Amazing MP3 Recorder

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What makes me unbelievable is that 20,000+ users downloaded Gestures For Amazing MP3 Recorder latest version on 9Apps for free every week! One thing you need to know that this app is unique. This hot app was released on 2017-04-06. It is one of the popular Android apps in 2015.
This app has no ads, and is free.
This app allows you to use gestures to control recording in the Amazing MP3 Recorder app.
Use this app with the Amazing MP3 Recorder app installed, and you can use single finger gestures (for both regular and TalkBack screen reader users).
A single flick or swipe upwards will Record.
Swipe up, down, left and right to Record, Pause, Stop and Play. It is that simple.
The screen will remain on, while the app is on the screen, so there will be no interruptions from the lock screen.
However, the screen will be kept dark, to reduce battery consumption. So the screen will look black, with only the navigation buttons (Back, Home buttons etc.) visible at the bottom.
Press Back button on your device to exit the app.
TalkBack and other screen reader users
This app is especially designed to work with single finger swipes for TalkBack users, and without TalkBack making any sound. It will work for TalkBack and other screen reader users, and for non-TalkBack users.
When you run the app, the whole screen will be one view. This view will cover the whole screen, including the notification area.
To exit the app, just press the Back or Home buttons at the bottom.
Usually when you start the app, the focus will be on the main view. But if focus moves to the Back or other buttons at the bottom, you can move focus back by just clicking on the main view. Short gestures will be ignored, so you can freely tap on the screen, and it will not be seen as a gesture.
Control recording with simple swipe gestures. You will draw with a single finger on the screen - a line going up to Record, and so on.
Initially start with slowly drawn gestures - where you draw slowly, and then wait a second before lifting your finger from the screen.
When you draw gestures, TalkBack will not make a sound. So you will be able to control recording without interference from TalkBack speaking.
The only way you will know if Amazing MP3 Recorder is recording, paused or stopped, is from the Vibration Feedback or Sound Feedback (that Amazing MP3 Recorder can provide).
Usually vibration feedback maybe too difficult to judge. In that case turn on the Sound Feedback in Amazing MP3 Recorder (turn this On in Settings - Vibration & Sound). You may need to play with the Audio Channel setting to get the loudest sound feedback sounds - this varies by device and model, so try the Audio Channel setting associated with Sound Feedback.
If you use Sound Feedback, and it starts appearing in your recording, you can avoid that by increasing the Record Delay setting in Amazing MP3 Recorder (click Settings - Vibration & Sound - Record Delay).
Once you have things set up correctly, you should be able to swipe on the screen, and when Amazing MP3 Recorder responds, you will know it is doing the right thing (from the Vibration or Sound Feedback).
Note that the gestures you use are single finger gestures for both non-TalkBack and TalkBack users, so TalkBack users don't need to use 2 fingers to make gestures. The app will behave the same way for TalkBack users, as for non-TalkBack users.
Install both Amazing MP3 Recorder, and this app. Then launch this app and start swiping to control recording.
Note: if you restart your phone, and start to use gestures immediately, they may not work (since the android device is still setting things up). So give your device time to start up, before using gestures in this app.
Send your feedback by using the Menu - Contact button in Amazing MP3 Recorder, or send to the e-mail address listed for this app.
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First version of the app. Report problems using Menu - Contact button on Amazing MP3 Recorder app.

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