Invytec Logger GPS

Invytec Logger GPS

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إنتاجية | 3.9MB | تحديث: 2018-11-05 | الإصدار: 1.0.10 | نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android2.3.3 or later

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This application allows you to capture flat text files the course of obtaining the positioning data via GPS device.
- Capture data in the background once the process has started capture.
- Generation two (2) types of files: One with positioning data comma separated value (CSV) and one with the NMEA frames obtained from the GPS (LOG).
- Storing files in the internal memory of the device in the Documents folder / Invytec.
- Each point is captured directly drawn on the map with sample number and time of capture.
- Consultation LOG files previously captured by drawing all points of the log the map.
- The user can configure the GPS NMEA frames you want to capture the file (LOG).
- Configurable GPS frames are: $ GPACCURACY, $ GPGGA, $ GPGLL, $ GPGSA, $ GPGSV, $ GPRMC, $ GPVTG.
- Tutorial to facilitate understanding of the functionality of the application.
Details CSV File
It is a separate file comma (,) with the following fields: # Displays, Date, Time, Latitude and Longitude. The following example illustrates the format:
1,19 / 02/2016/19: 27: 42,4.769316666666667, -74.064235
2,19 / 02/2016/19: 27: 58,4.769076666666667, -74.06467166666667
3,19 / 02/2016/19: 28: 03,4.768595, -74.06497666666668
LOG File Details
It is a file where frames GPS NMEA chosen before capture are stored. The following example illustrates the format:
GPGGA, 120015.011,0438.8848, N, 07407.7196, W, 0.0, 96.6, M, 3.4 M ,, * 56 $
GPRMC, 120015.011, V, 0438.8848, N, 07407.7196, W, 0.000,0.00,290216 ,,, N * 53 $
$ GPVTG, 0.00, T ,, M, 0.000, N, 0.000, K, N * 32
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